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but lynette charms is here and mike masco has tie-ups. >> reporter: we will talk about the monument treatment issue and construction 859 into the harbor -- 859 into the harbor tunnel. >> -- 895 into the harbor tunnel. >> we are in a slight risk for severe weather. let's check out heat advisory because we are not out of the woods. dealing with some heat and humidity that's going to be moving in here going throughout the day. and we do have a heat advisory for southern baltimore and points off towards the west and also the south that goes into effect at lunchtime and remains until about 7 so once again for all the areas here shaded in that orange color, we are under it. right now, temperatures coming in at 72 degrees in jess up. joppa at 73 and myersville at 69. and as we head throughout the day, this is what you can expect. another hot and hiewmed day on- - humid day on tap. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast possibly severe more on that in a few moments but right now the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: monument street is the issue with all the well the water main b
coming up on this friday, good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. mike masco is in with a check of the traffic. he is on the road and you are on the weather. a lot going on but we need more. >> yes. that's the key word and it's been key for a while now. and you sought video of the rain coming down -- saw the video of the rain coming down lat night. bel air really. let's show you the aftermath of bel air. look pretty this morning right? a different sight as we look at the time-lapse. putting it in motion and you can see beautiful sunrise this morning. a few clouds out there. and that's going to be the name of the game as we head throughout the day. the sun mixing with the cloud. lots of clouds and a lot of spots this morning. and clouds will pay a big story today depending on whether we will get severe weather popping as we go into the afternoon. now the temperature in bel air coming in at 72 degrees right now. nottingham at 73. good morning glen knell being -- glen elk at 69 degrees a looking at the areas in the orange, northern baltimore, until about 7:00 tod
but first the weather and meteorologist mike masco. >> sherrie johnson has quite a hat on. here's what's going on 78 in town, this is a very hot day shaping up. it already feels like 82 in the city. already feels like 86 in dc and we have that code red alert today. going into tomorrow, it gets expanded into sunday as well. excessive heat advisory and watches there place for today and tomorrow. we're up to 86 in the lunch hour going for 100 degrees, we'll have a details on tomorrow's major heat coming up in just a little bit. let's get a check on your time saver traffic. and we do have reports of debris in the roadway, somebody dropped a ladder 95 northbound at 695 that may tie up the north side of 695 may be tied up on the north side of the city, it's said to be a ladder that fell off a truck. outside we go 895 a o don street, looking pretty good on 895. let's look at drive times, 95 to 83 just about a 12 minute ride, 795 to 9513 make ago run for the fort mchenry tunnel, just ability 8 minute ride from 695. traffic and weather again in less than ten. >>> today a new law will be signed
mike masco doing traffic. >> still here and going strong. is it true right now, sunsetting before 8:30? >> yes. saw that on the graphic. >> yes. >> earlier and earlier. >> let me show you what is going on. a beautiful sunrise this morning in lorel. this gets your day started. i put it in to motion, when you see the clouds, whispy clouds, across the horizon, they get out of heres left with sunshine in the forecast for us today. the temperature in lorel coming in 75. bethesda 72. breezy conditions throughout the day. southwest at 5- 15 miles an hour. also be prepared for the humidity, be prepared for the heat. lunchtime today, i'm going with 91. 94 for a high temperature. at 4:00 p.m., we have a chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm to pop up more in to the afternoon. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning. accidents to talk about. >> see the graphic. move it to your right. 8:25. that's crazy. here is what is going on this morning. we have issues this morning on our area roadways. let's get you to the maps and show you what is going on. middle rive
on facebook this morning. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. alongside mike masco. megan is out live this morning. >> she looks hot out there too. >> it's warm. >> but megan always looks great. >> you said it not me. >> i knew you'd run with that. >> you know we are right there. right there. >> another story by the way we're going to put on the facebook about the san diego fireworks last night. a whole 20 seconds of -- >> big bang rocket goes off. before i ever started. >> that's a good story. 79 degrees charlie. we're starting off very, very muggy and mild. take a look. and maryland's most powerful radar showing a few of the scattered showers and storms out near deep creek. we also had some big storms that moved through new jersey last night. we were sandwiched in-between the two. but stayed pretty dry. so that was the good news. take a look at temperatures starting out this morning at 5:30, 79. 81 in dover. salisbury at 82 degrees and we have a heat index at 85 right now in dover, delaware. excessive heat watch in effect for the eastern shore and we have an excessive heat warn
crowson. megan is off. we begin with a check of the forecast for the workweek withmeteorologist mike masco. >> outside we go it's a pretty nice looking shot. 71 close to that dew point value. patchy fog on the roadways. we are watching the potential maybe a few drizzle pockets. 71 in town. 76 in d.c. eastern shore temperatures near 70 degrees. patches of drizzle this morning. nothing widespread but a lot of moisture in play today with that humidity and southerly wind. and there's a cold front out to the west that could fire off a scattered shower and thunderstorm during the course of the day. let's plan out the afternoon. 8:00 in the morning we are starting out with temperatures right around 74. on the way to 91. that's the two degree guarantee the late day shower and thunderstorm. some of which could be strong. we will talk about that coming up in just a little bit. let's check traffic with baltimore city we are expecting continued delays this morning as light street is closed between east baltimore and lombard street. that's due to last week's water main break. also keeping an eye on lon
mike masco. >>> it's 395 at 95 still being impacted from an earlier accident. they have that cleared off to the left shoulder lanes so that's some good news. if up to the north and another accident northern parkway at hillen road. that's going to tie up, the speed sensors down to around 25 miles per hour. then again all of the concerns will focus in baltimore city during the course of this afternoon. certainly going to be in the next couple of days for the next couple of days. monument street being impacted by that sinkhole. patherson, millton avenue use that route 40 alternative route. let's go outside live and we'll take a look. this is this shot. starting to get busy out there. we'll take a look at traffic inside "good morning america." ♪ >>> that's just -- ♪ that's how i wake up. no record deal in the future here. that's et, a 30-year-old pacific walrus. at the point of defiance. in a zoo and aquarium in tacoma, washington. sounds like mike masco earlier  this morning. >> taco bell trip. >> give me one more. come on. >> come on you got it. >> don't hold back. that i boy. app
on the traffic with mike masco. >>> not bad this morning. a few construction problems, we have one issue, that's the pairing parkway, police are on the scene of an incident with a car involving a pole. that's hampstead up near hampstead. be aware of. that orioleses are back in town tonight. remember we will have stadium traffic after 5:00. let's take you outside and show you pretty good looking shots. this is 95, route 43, looking good right now. we will switch over to m-dot cameras, confirming a smooth ride. >>> it's hard to forget about the storms that hit a few weeks ago. many of us lost power for a number of days, one baltimore county community says it didn't have to happen to them. linda so is live many middle river talking -- live in middle river talking to people there saying that could be the county's fault. >> reporter: lots of trees in neighborhood. people who live here say they didn't ruse power because of a tree that fell. the tree came from land that was owned by the property, the land hasn't been properly maintained and they paid for it in july. power was out for a week when the
. >> meteorologist mike masco here now. >> let's take you back to 7:40 this evening. there's the storm in question that knocked out power in the air. and it crossed over and headed right for the forest hill airport and ran right into rising sun and into wilmington and caused issues in northern delaware, and the storms are moving out of here. the shot downtown is looking good. not only did we see severe weather but look at this in west virginia, impressive shot on facebook, 77 in town, look at the 90s. it's still 90 in st. louis. that heat is on the way and more on the 7-day forecast in just a minute. >>> an update on breaking news, search crews are in the water in the dish river near about we are dean, the weather is -- abeldeen, and authorities say they still don't know if the person is a man or a woman. we'll keep you updated on that. >>> it may be a pain that no parent ever wants to imagine, the children victims of murder. >> more on the event that brings those bonded by tragedy closer to heeling. >> reporter: it is a club that increases in size every year and the women who are part of mother's
's nice and cool. let's check in with meteorologist mike masco. mike, how much more of this heat can we take? >> let's go 24 hours. let's get into your forecast. you know, right now we're sitting at 100 degrees. so we hit the century mark. the heat indexes is 104. 99 downtown. 99 d.c. eastern shore not much relief from the atlanta. 96 sals burry. dover 95. hex at 105 -- heat index at 105. 105 is what it feels like in frederick. we'll do this again though. excessive heat, meaning those heat indexes could be dangerous running between 100 to 105. the rest of the evening 95 degrees, a slow crawl into the overnight lows. we'll introduce a term to you -- the ring of fire. this is where we have the core of heat over the ohio valley. those big storms to the north. big storms to the north and east. big storms to the west. this will collapse i'll show you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> bge activated its peak rewards program. people tried to stay on the cool side. peak reward cycles your air conditioner on days like this. it's a power saving program for both you and the company. >> our abc2
. thanks. >>> time mike masco and lauren cook join me for the caption this. this is when you get a great photo e-mailed to you. >> and today's picture was submitted by our very own mike masco. >> yes. >> that's my cousin's station. >> this bear decided to cool off in the cool. it's hot in connecticut. we posted it on the facebook page and. you sound out. sean said i am barely surviving this heat wave. i am right there with the bear. >> yeah this weather is too hot. joel says when the kids get here it's lunchtime. let's hope not. >> oh. and carol said skinny dipping bear style what about you-- >>> what about you mike. >> i barely. >> we will get back to you. >> keep your comments coming and if you have a caption this photo i idea e-mail it to us. >> thanks, guys. >>> you have to a check out this video. a woman tries to ride up the escalator on the motorized scoot ther. this shows the thing -- scooter. she goes down and it looks painful. as the steps rise the chair is snagged and it dumps and it false on top of her. a lot of people came running tohelp her out. >>> he was trying to do his j
in on facebook. >> not that piece of toast. >> lauren cook is here with a look at traffic and mike masco with weather. >> we have our first accident of the day. it's in anne arundel county right along the southbound lanes of route 295 at route 100. a car has actually crashed into the woods. so do expect some delays gnat area and of course still dealing with the massive water main break and light street remains shut down that's going to be between baltimore street and lombard street. so do watch out for that causing a lot of congestion and we are again giving away $600 in free gas. go to my facebook page to enter the contest and all the details at the top of the profile. >>> weather-wise out there a mixed bag man. >> did you know we hit 104 yesterday? >> i did. >> you can feel it. >> that's ridiculous. exactly. that boundary between the hot and cold air that set up right on top of us and bank on the idea of maybe more storms in the mix today. lunchtime not a bad day today. 88 degrees and on the way for 92 the two degree guarantee. we'll be dodging the rain showers and maybe a thunderstorm
am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson mike masco is in for lynette charles. it could be wet later. >> it could be. we could see a few storms but i think as we head towards latterportion of the evening and tonight things will calm down. 78 in town. west northwest wind at 7 and that has been picking up due in part to storms to the north. a few of them are moving into tawnytown and it will cross into westminster. no lightning being detected on maryland's most powerful radar. swinging towards the north, there's a banned of be -- band of steady rains on the pennsylvania side of the boarding crossing into northern maryland northern baltimore county in the next 25 to 30 minutes. everything pushing from northwest to southeast motion and this is going to move through rapidly so this morning on the wet side. but we will dry out as we head into the afternoon hours. and we will get the sunshine to go to work. the breeze is out there 3 to 5 and the temperatures starting out very, very mild. 70s on the way later today. 98 degrees. and excessive heat advisory has been posted and we have hundreds
mike masco and the story today the weather. >> yeah. the weather has been the big story for the last several days. we will look outside. beautiful shot looking downtown. we have the sun coming up towards the east. and usually it comes up from the east and will set from the south later tonight. 68 downtown. right now calm winds and look at the barometric pressure nice and steady. that will start to lower some as we head into tonight and that could trigger showers. storms 68 in town. 78 towards dc eastern shore numbers into the 60s a very beautiful morning. and look at humidity values or dew points what measures humidity on dryer side. 60 degree dew points is a bearable number. we will do a pair of 7s around 8. lunchtime if you are stepping out, it's a dry heat at 88 we are on the way for the two degree guarantee high. muggy air for tonight. an isolated storm south and west of town and we will talk about a hazy hot and humid pattern we get in once again in your 7-day forecast that's coming up in a little bit. let's check the timesaver traffic this morning and you know, i will say it's
'm mike masco we're taking a look at our awesome storm shield watch and this gives you the greatest watches and warnings instantaneously as we get them. you can text us at 46988 or go to the itunes store. we'll be back with weather and traffic coming up. have breakfast with milk and set the stage for a great day. could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health. >>> now, good morning maryland. >>> 5:40 on a friday morning, sand surf sun all things we love about the beach but they can do a number on your electronic devices if you're not careful. here's simple things to keep in mind and keep them safe at the beach, put them in a plastic bag before you leave home and don't remove them until you return home and to avoid contact with sand and sunscreen, that's a good place to be but replace those bags regularly to avoid sand build up and be mindful of the sun. >> it's a good idea to keep the device out of the sun, keep it somewhere cool in a bag, a little bit insulated would b
meteorologist mike masco. temperatures in the 80s. we will detail the full forecast coming up. >> reporter: we are following a deadly crash that has shut down a portion of old york road in baltimore county. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. @ hi parents, big year for spelling. here's what the kids will n-e-e-d. ♪ pens and markers, paper wide ruled. ♪ ♪ hoodies, sneakers, tape, sticks of glue.♪ ♪ large boxes pencils, highlighters. ♪ ♪ sneakers and t-shirts. ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeeeeans, yeah! ♪ ♪ notebooks and jeans! announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. >>> good wednesday morning and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle this is time for the abc to news -- 2 news to g charley is live to show us how the repairs are going on the big water main break. sherrie johnson joins us this morning to talk about a controversial issue that you're going to be asked to vote on for the november ballot. but let's start off with the weather and meteorologist mike masco because it's going to be another hot o
? but there is a traffic alert in baltimore city. where you need to avoid if you are driving near johns hopkins mike masco has that coming up. and gambling at maryland live. your choice of where to put the coins in the slot electronic gaming and now they are getting bigger. lynette take it away. >> reporter: all right. the weekend is upon us and i will have that beach forecast coming up. mike. >> we have a few issues to talk about across baltimore city and will talk more about traffic on the other side of the break. >> foofty good morning maryland. >>> 6:45 good morning i am charley crowson. time for abc2 news to go and we begin with meteorologist lynette charles and you controlled yourself and ready to bring it down the center back to the weather. >> weather time. all right. let's talk weather. >> let's get food. >> i love food and chocolate, oh, yummy, yummy, yummy. the weather for for today 74 in fed ralsburg and -- federalsburg. and temperatures will soar going throughout the day. the clouds soaring this morning as well. nice sunrise across the area. mixing with the cloud cover that will be the scenar
in a minute but for now a check of the very hot forecast. say hello once again. meteorologist mike masco. >> we're already starting out 80 degrees at bwi and humidity up at 56% and that wednesday ushering in again all the moisture from down to the south. 80 in town right now. look at the eastern shore numbers into the 80s. that's a very, very sticky start and we're going to be talking about the heat indices rising through the course of the afternoon. heat advisory for much of the 95 corridor as the daytime highs returning around 98 degrees will feel like it's between 100 to 105. 98 again real feel numbers will be into the triple digits. there's a chance for some showers and storms by tonight and we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit. now a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic this morning with a very quiet start to your thursday morning. no major traffic incidents issues to talk about. and we do want to remind you again still self-traffic lights- out throughout the city and as always if you come to one of those treat it as a fourway stop and use caution. otherwise the commu
masco in for lynette what is in store. >> we are hoping cooler temperatures come in. it's going to be lower humidity today. but still some storms popping across the area. look at the houston shoreline getting rocked with storms. ocean city towards dover much of the attered showers and stea showers especially a-- and lightning coming down and that's going to cross along 70s. there could be a localized flash flooding. we have local area roadways in central franklin county or frederick county that have flooded out some. 77 in town a very mild 79 around d.k. and -- d.c. and we are starting out 77 on the way for 87 degrees. there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm but the theme to the forecast is warm but less humid. notice we are not talking hundred degree weather. let's talk about the seven-day forecast in a minute. now lauren cook has a check on the roads. >> reporter: good morning. if you are headed to the tunnels, no delays. it's clear through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. we have all the construction south of the harbor tunnel toll plaza. later this mornin
this go to mike masco. you're monitoring it all. 50 going to the bay bridge. give it a few hours. we've been seeing the drenching downpours. there's a gust front. this is part of the shelf cloud. that's the good news. but severe weather down across annapolis. they have discontinued the warnings for much of the state. as you go well toward the south if your travels take you from 95 south, 50 to the bay bridge, be aware there could be flash flooding. we have a severe thunderstorm watch active until 9:00. we'll be watching the skies for perhaps more storms. the cluster of storms to the east of the city. get off the bay. we have a special marine warning, rock hall, centerville. they're getting smashed producing 1700 to 2,000 bolts per 15 minutes. that's a tremendous amount of lightning. we'll slide it over to the wide view crossing northern baltimore county. there's more storms and showers. they have to be monitored. all the action just to the east of the city limits. take a look at the temperatures. 99. frederick, 73 degrees. your 30-degree is in the 50, 60-mile radius. it feels like it
am megan prinko charley live but mike masco joins us. -- pringle, charlee live but mike masco joins us today. >> if we end and continue the stretch, we will be the hottest. let's talk weather and about yesterday. we hit 100. right now it's 81 degrees. not much of a drop in the temperatures to the overnight and we are continuing to see the temperatures that will soar this afternoon. let's look at temperatures right now. 81 degrees and we have been talking heat indexes and dew point values into the 60s. 68 degree dew point as you can see. 81 in town. 82 around d-c. eastern shore numbers well into the 80s and we have the risk of a scattered shower or thunderstorm. could be winds and hail and dangerous lightning later this afternoon. let's look at your day planner. 83 on the way for 99 degrees. we will talk about the pore forecast coming up in -- more about the forecast coming up in a minute. lauren cook with traffic. >> reporter: the water main break causing problems into downtown baltimore. between redwood and lombard street, light street is closed. if you are heading out to 95, this
it well. mike masco gets it done to matter the task he is asked to do. >> i'm doing traffic this morning. we will get that done. this morning, baltimore city, light street, bond street, affected this morning due to the last week's water main break. 895 long-term construction, heading towards the harbor tunnel. they are working on the steel bridge. hawksville road, an accident involving a car in to a pole. outside we go, look at the shot this is not a bad looking shot. 83, shawan road. so far, so good. over to drive times, see how your commute will fair. route 140 to 695, ten minute ride. 795 to 95, 11 minutes. fort mc henry, 695, 11 minute commute. that's your time save traffic, now a check on weather with lynette charles. >>> let's talk about what is going on. we look at the satellite and radar, not a lot to be found. clouds to the north. back off towards the west there. as we go throughout the day, we have a chance for showers to roll in, thunderstorms, we will talk about that in a second. i would like to take you outside and show you what is going on in bel air. we are seeing the sunr
, not such a good thing. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. >>> good morning. good morning, everybody. we have an issue we have to bring your attention to. middle river, there is an issue involving an mta mobility vans. this is on eastern boulevard at mariners point. that's going to tie you up middle river. baltimore city, delays, issues light, bond, baltimore, lumbar, dealing with issues and delays this morning. lane closures, due to a water main break and orioles are in town. that's an issue by 5:00 this evening. avoid parts of the stadium or the roads surrounding the stadium. 695, liberty, starting to get busy at this hour. we have a camera to show you. there is 895, o'donnell street. smooth sailing making your way towards harbor tunnel. a 4 minute ride. 95 to 83, cruising at 11 minutes between the two points, 795 to 95. that's a 12 minute commute. another check on traffic in a little bit. >>> many of you sounding off on the facebook page about sanctions handed down to penn state. the school was punished for failing to protect children from sexual abuse by jerry sandusky
. >>> good afternoon. i'm meteorologist mike masco, a very hot shot downtown. nothing happening. let's get you over to temperatures. 98 in town. d.c. shares that 98. it's 99 in frederick. the heat and humidity combined making or heat indexes between 101 and 100 toward the eastern shore so a very hot afternoon. excessive heat advisory. that has been reissued for tomorrow. we have the scowed red alert. heat indexes expected to rise tomorrow well near 100 degrees. 359 for the rest of the evening and a really hot afternoon once again. we're watching a few things on the radar, clouds to the south. it's this cold front that will drop south and bring us the chance for severe weather. we'll talk about that coming up next at 5. dangling. >>> this little 3-year-old has a lesson for us. you can achieve anything you set your mind to. this is 3-year-old sofia, and she is setting out to do a ninja climb up the door frame. >> she's like the little british engine that could. >> that's high enough. >> hey! don't bang your head. >> her dad says she is anxiously awaiting her fourth birthday so she can take f
damage cleanup but we will start with meteorologist mike masco. mike, the heat is the big storyas well as the cleanup. >> guess how many days it's been now? 90s plus, look at this. 7 today. 90 started last wednesday and hit 103 friday and yesterday it was 94. guess what today will be? 94 degrees and the heat rolls on. we are 69 downtown right now. and calm wind and low humidity across the area of visibilities looking very good. temperatures pretty comfortable into the 60s right into the heat belt of dc. 77. salisbury 69. 71 heading into dover. dew points are down and a few 50 degree dew points which are coverable readings. but things will change. we have a warm front down towards the south. we have clouds and showers bubbling up. that pushes towards the north heading into tonight and there's a cluster of showers and storms we will keep an eye on as it could drop down the back of the mountains. in the hour by hour forecast,77 around #, lunchtime, 88. it's a warm after -- around 7. lunchtime 88 degrees. muggy conditions return after the 8:00 hourgoing into midnight a spot shower or storm
mother nature help out? here's meteor out gist might mike masco. >> it will get worse starting today and going into the weekend. on radar this morning, we have a little pocket of maybe thunder and lightning moving through northern carroll county. nothing severe. that's the good news. at least -- and these bands of rain showers will be quick to move through. starting out at 5 in the morning we are at 76 and that's a launching pad for upper 90s today for that reason they have heat advisory excessive heat warnings north and east of town. we are at 92 degrees with the lunchtime hour on the way to 98 degrees. that the two degree guarantee but it could be a gusty late day shower or thunderstorm and that threat would linger into 8. good news for this forecast is not anticipating weather problems going into the festivities for tonight for the fireworks. that's going to be good news but 100 degree weather. we will talk about that coming up in a bit. >>> bge is hard at work this morning trying to repair power to more than 100,000 people still in the dark. >> abc2 news linda so is down at the s
alongside meteorologist -- pringle alongside meteorologist mike masco. and the weather is a big story because we have storm cleanup and the heat. >> and we may have smore storms on wednesday. i -- may have more storms on wednesday. >> on the 4th of july. >> yeah. the mother nature fireworks will be in full works. a breeze off the ocean right now. beautiful outside. look at this shot. a sunshine that goes to work this afternoon in town. and 68 degrees is a comfortable number. visibilities are look good at 10 miles. into -- looking good at 10 miles. and a satellite picture a few clouds to the south. otherwise we have a good looking skyline. but out toward the west a warm front is back through the mountains and maybe some gustier storms try to develop m better shot of showers and storms works in by tomorrow many we will plan out the day 77 degrees around 8:00. a little lunch at 88 degrees. on the way for the 2 degree guarantee of 94. hey hazy, hot humid conditions. we will talk about from the 4th into the weekend coming up in a little bit. now the check on the timesaver traffic this morn
on this thursday, yum 5th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. alongside mike masco. megan is on assignment and a pretty good chance the producer may separate you and me before the day is over. >> we are in so much trouble. >> separate corners sir. >> you won't have to deal with me anymore on monday. lauren cook is down in ocean city. >> where is she? show me. where is she? >> next to the garbage can waving, no, she's -- i'm hoping sleeping as she's enjoying a much deserved vacation. look at this shot. it is beautiful looking towards ocean city. now the sunshine is going to go to work today but the problem is that sunshine works against us with 83 right now. we're going to tack on several degrees and we're going to see a daytime high well into the upper 90s and perhaps maybe even touching upon 100 degrees. the excessive heat advisory in effect and a warning as you head to philadelphia. 83 degrees around the 8:00 hour and lunchtime, maybe want to have it indoors for lunch. 92 on our way the 98 degrees your two degree guarantee. it's muggy steam my overnight and maybe a gusty
is the heat and traffic. lauren cook has traffic and mike masco has the traffic. >> reporter: i will let you know he what roads will be shut down coming up in a few. >> all right. as far as the heat. >> here we go. you know it's going to be hot when you start at 81 degrees at five in the morning. humidity cranking 65% with thesouthwesterly wind. in terms of temperatures this is where whoa stand. 81 dover at 80. salisbury at 80. the heat index in the upper 80s. an excessive heat advisory until 9 this evening. so 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. avoid the prolong exposure of outdoors and certainly want to stay out of the sun. gusty winds be a-and -- and hail and lightning a possibility going into it -- the evening. 99 today hot and humid. tonight here comes the storms. temperatures around 75. we will show outweekend seven- day forecast coming up in a little bit. let's check on traffic lauren cook in the traffic center. >> reporter: we have good day to crank the air conditioner in thecar. heading downtown, the massive water main break causing problems on light street shut down between redwood and lombard stre
on this monday july 23rd. good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. but this guy mike masco is in and in for lynette and she will be back tomorrow. you are doing double dudey -- duty today. >> lauren in ocean city beach and lynette will be back tomorrow. and you are tuck with me all week. >> what you've done every time you come in is given us a bad form of bad news. >> we will try to find some silver lining. storms today and it's humid. >> the mild weather was just a mis. >> yes. annapolis showing dark out there right now. cloudy and a few scattered showers out there towson going towards perry hall parkville seeing a couple scattered showers and hot 95 taking -- 695 out towards essex and middle river, a few of the spotty showers at the present. in terms of where we are with temperatures, 71 in town right now. 76 degrees in d.c. land and 70s over the eastern shore. what a beautiful weekend. temperatures below average that changes today. southerly wind bringing in heat and humidity and we have a cold front out to the west triggering a few spotty showers and storms during the c
. >>> i'm meteorologist mike masco. you can search wmar. new severe storm warnings. we'll share that coming up next on the news at 5:30. >>> look at this video. he's about to get behind the wheel of a police cruiser. the suspect is one of two wanted for a burglary in columbus, ohio. he tried to escape by taking the car. obviously, he didn't get very far. he crashed the cruiser into an apartment building. >>> well, would-be thieves got quite a surprise when they tried to rob a florida internet cafe. a customer pulled out his gun and started shooting. the suspects, both 19, were shot. they were arrested and taken to a local hospital. they fames attempted robbery. the customer who shot them had a permit to carry that weapon, and he will not be charged. >>> going down, a parking attendant in a new york city drives a luxury suv into an elevator but the elevator wasn't there. the car plunged four stories. they are expected to be okay. they're looking into how this mishap happened. >>> a huge apartment building in new york went up in flames today. it took firefighters three and half ho
. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike masco. we have heavy rain east of town. white marsh seeing heavy downpours. we will traik them -- track them coming up. >> reporter: an accident iscausing heavy delays at the 83. i will have more on the congestion and show you some other trouble spots coming up on "good morning maryland. >> 7 minutes after 6. 73 degrees. a live picture of new york city times square. let's go up there for today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites fingers are crossed for malware monday. today's the day thousands of computers will not be able to connect to the internet because of a virus. but it's believed only a tiny percentage of computers here in the u.s. will be affected. wireless carriers are flooded with requests from law he forcement agencies for -- enforcement agencies for information about customers. "new york times" says 1.3 million such demands and the requests includes text messages caller locations and other data. brave the video game is a third person shooter game that follows the adventures of the first female heroine. the game feels good t
morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. let's start off with mike masco. >> let's thank fall for the riskiest light. here's what's going on. marled's most powerful doppler radar showing the heavy bands and around baltimore city and this is going along 95 bel air seeing a good downpour. look at this cell just towards the west of the city limits. middle river essex and this cell is moving into ellicott city. dealing with a good downpour of rain between an inch and inch and a half that could reduce visibility but cause isolated flash flooding. easton is at 75. you notice everything is streaming from west to east. right along the cold front. that will shift towards the south. some breaks in the cloudcoverage otherwise showers and thunderstorms. lauren cook so, a lot of problems out there. >> reporter: yes, interstate 70 slammed with rain and a new accident to tell you about the eastbound lanes. we are dealing with a disabled car along the southbound lanes of route 43. and even accident moved to the shoulder along the southbound lanes of 95 at o'donnell street. traveling in downto
getting down to the beltway. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now here's mike masco with a look at the traffic. >> hey lawrence you want to go to burger king later? >> i'll pass. >> here's what's going on this morning. 76 degrees in dundalk. you had some powerful storms yesterday producing winds gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour. 76 downtown. 78 d.c.. eastern shore numbers well into the 70s. so it's a mild morning. not as oppressively hot as we've been talking about especially in comparison to yesterday morning. maryland's most powerful radar is clear overhead right now. but i want to go upstream about 400 miles to the north and west. see this cluster of showers and storms. thatten dos out of the lakes and -- that drops out of the lakes and hops over the ohio valley and will head into our area for the latter portion of the afternoon going into the inge. bank on the idea of more gusty storms. approaching 90-degrees around the lunchtime hour. that will form into a line segment that develops this afternoon rather and we'll start to swing to the south and the east. gus
on this thursday morning, i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson. mike masco with weather and lauren cook with the traffic. >> still dealing with the water main break causing problems in downtown so yeah. i'll have more on that in just a minute. >> you help everybody get through there. >> but mike another congresser out there right? >> 90s today but you ready for more storms? >> yes. if it cools everything down bring on the storms. >> how do you say that there's more storms coming. you might as well say hey -- >> the meteorological angel of death. >> the bearer of bad news. here's what's going on this morning. 77 in town. 77 over the eastern shore. numbers pretty uniformly into the 70s let's take it outside to bel air where we're current aat 75 degrees, that dew point still running really high at 71. so there's a decents amount of humidity still in the air. few clouds mixing it up over the skyline right now but again this pesky stationary front over the area that's separating cooler air over interior new england and hot air down to the south. that's not a good combination in the atmospher
. >> and good morning i'm mike masco. we have a beautiful weekend set up but we have to get through some storms. we'll have your full forecast coming up. hey lauren. >>> hello mike, hopefully the storms will cool things down bit. fortunate no problems here on 895 but more coming up on "good morning maryland" on a four car crash on route 295. stay with us, there's much more to come. [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools, jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor. >>> goods thursday morning, thank you for joining us, this is your abc2 news to go, i'm megan pringle? and i'm charlie crowson. a lot this morning as you head out the door. sherrie johnson is out live with new information on what's going on with the
on that but -- severe. more to come on that but right now the traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: they were huge last night in bel air. >> they were. >> reporter: wow. here's what's going on this morning a. crash downtown baltimore city. let's go to the board and show you where it is off 83. as you head towards franklin street and cathedral street, that's an issue this morning. certainly tying up traffic on 83 and going into baltimore city. in terms of what we have on the big boards, construck wise, this is going -- construction wise, this is going to be a long-term issue. park avenue and north glover street use route 40 as an alternative route around the mess and as we head towards the crossings we have the right lane knocked out 895 northbound as between route 2 and exit 7 and 8 heading towards the harbor tunnel and towards the fort mchenry tunnel we have construction delays making your way into the toll plaza. outside we go for a live shot. and this is 695 at liberty road. we do have a bit of volume on the roads early on. but nothing so far so bad. the sensors are speeds on par for average and 695
with immediateor ol -- meteorologist mike mat co. >> here we go and -- masco. >> we are talking about gusty lightning and storms towards the eastern shore along delaware beaches and going into town. a couple bolts of lightning detected on maryland's most powerful radar. heavy rain going on right now around 695 heading 95 on towards the south. so, just be aware you want to take it slow and there's a possibility of those hydroplaning this morning again with the downpours. we have one warning still flash flood warning for frederick county until 5:45 because of the overnight rains that has passed through frederick. even carroll county. the road are wet. 73 in town. rain cooled 76 in d.c. a pair of 7s around the eastern shoreline. everything sliding from west to east along the cold front that got itself hung up along baltimore between baltimore and dc. and that's going tonight theme to the forecast today with the cold front in place. more clouds than sunshine and there be could be a popup shower or thunderstorm again the best chance of that happening is towards the latter portion of the afternoo
masco filling in for lynette and lauren cook with traffic. >> still causing major problems downtown through a portion of light street still closed and that's just a minute. but we're dealing with a heat wave. it seems like a heat wave. >> it is a heat wave. >> just takes your breath away. did you say it's the hottest july in history? >> right now we are on par to hit the hottest july. last year was the hottest july ever. >> do you have any good news? >> no, nothing, more storms and dodging more storms later today. >> at least cool us down a little bit. bring on the storms right? let's get to the graphic mooser and show you what's going on this morning. >> not a bad morning a mild morning we'll call it. 76 downtown and pair of 7s over the eastern shore. outside and mount airy showing some signs of life. look at this right now with our starting to rise. 76 degrees. and the mount airy section of town. maryland's most powerful radar is clear overhead. out to the west though and notice about 400 miles to the north and west there's a cluster of showers and storms that's starting to develo
. happy friday, thanks for joining us. i'm meg meg meg charily's out live, and here's mike masco. >> this has been a tough week with the heat and power outages, let's forget about this week. northerly wind coming in at 3. it's a drying wind. i don't think it's going to be very humid today but it will feel like 105 to 110. you're running about 80 degrees just over the eastern shower, you have a heat advisory that switches over to a watch. let's break down your forecast, genitalia heat advisory, let's are break down -- let's break down the heat advisory. frederick you're hitting 100 to 101. just dangerous heat on top of this, the heat, humidity hangs on, 94, gusty storms by the weekend, we'll talk about that coming up in just a a little bit. let's get a check on traffic, here's what's going on, not much happening, 695 a watching all clear sailing, 83 to the north, pretty good looking shot and we'll take a look around town and maybe hit 9 95 a little construction issues, they're -- 95 a little construction, 695 outside, bel air road, if you can get the commute on now, get it on. tak
the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> mike masco this is for you. a huge dust storm rolling across the phoenix area during the weekend. wind blowing up to 60 miles an hour visibility reduced to nothing. layers of dirt covering vehicles and buildings. no report of serious damage. what is it called. >> haboob. >> that's uh-huh boob. one farmer basically -- haboob. one farmer in america has to sacrifice one crop to save another thanks to the record setting drought. the story is similar to farmers across the country and lisa sylvester shows us how he is trying to cope. >> reporter: farms in maryland. >> it rains a lot or none at all. it's the darnedest thing. >> reporter: he is a third generation farmer. >> it's fairly dry. won't have anything to dig with. >> reporter: look at his water reserves and you can tell why. >> water is supposed to be right about here. i should have my foot in the water right here. >> reporter: to save water he has to turn off the irrigation pupp to the christmas trees that are just coming up to keep water flow
yourself very cool and comfortable. >>> good morning, i'm meteorologist mike masco. we have an excessive heat advisory this afternoon for really all of the 95 strip. excessive heat warnings as you head towards philadelphia. your two degree guarantee going for 99 this afternoon. hazy. hot and humid and there's the chance of an isolated gusty shower or thunderstorm. tonight we're gown down to 77. muggy and warm and 97 for tomorrow but that's going to change to more heat by saturday. 101 degrees with real feel around 105. >>> still to come, brand-new details on katie holmes' plan to break from her marriage to come cruise. >>> and the 14-year-old who sparked a major change in how teenage models are pictured. [ radio ] it's a scorcher out there...stay refreshed! [ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. ♪ it's never felt so real ♪ no, it's never felt so right ♪ [ female announcer ] only 5 calories. new lipton tea & honey. of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, peop
in with meteorologist mike match theasco to see how things are going -- mike masco. >> we sit at 70 degrees and a comfortable morning. calm wind and visibility around 10 miles. that's good news. 71 dover. down towards salisbury at 70. you notice the dew points into the 60s and a few 50s towards york. a comfortable morning and we have clear skies overhead. so we will forecast mostliy skies. 94 for the two -- mostly sunny skies. 49 for the -- 94 for around two. let's get the check on the timesaver traffic and remember we have nearly a hundred traffic lights out across the city and surrounding areas. treat each intersection with a dead light and a four way stop. one issue so far this morning we have blocked ramp on 695 inner loop at route 7 in philadelphia road. outside a live look at 695 at 295. clear sailing for now but that's certain to change later this morning. drive times looking like this. 11 minutes about across the board. 695 outer loop from 95 to # 3. and also the outer -- 83 and also the outer loop from 75 to 95. another check coming up in a little bit. >>> back to the big story. it
. thanks for joining us. we will start off with meteorologist mike masco. >> good morning. we are watching a couple pockets of downpours crossing 83 heading for jarrettsville 20 minutes or so falls road saw good downpour. this is pushing off towards the east. we will show you again, a pretty quick moving band of showers guster storms towards deep creek not impacting us. downpours the theme of the forecast and we turn our attention to the east. 76 in town right now. on the way for around 98 today. we have an excessive heat advisory in effect. 98 the two degree guarantee. going down to 97. no that would be a a problem. 75 for -- that would be a problem. 75 for tonight. we will talk about the seven- day forecast coming up. guys. >>> more than half a million people had no power restored butter that long way to go. in some areas, power lines are still on the ground and that's case in north baltimore where downed lines could be causing problems for people living in north baltimore off mcbeth street. >> we have a lot of kids and they are coming up and down the alley and it's hazardous. lines are
seconds to look it over. what are they looking for? you'll find out next. >> i'm meteorologist mike masco. right now let's take a look at the temperature. 93 in the city. we're tracking a storm that's 700 miles away from us. we'll talk about that in the 70s coming up -- seven-day forecast coming up on the news. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is. >>> water is rushing out of a water main. it is a 20-inch main break that happen n. front of the old better's restaurant. water is gork out. it's flowing all the way into the harbor. look at the brown some of the traffic is standing still. there's nobody moving. fire trucks can't get to the scene. here leans, fayette, baltimore. that's your way out of town. if you want to go back in history it was 11 years ago this coming wednesday on the anniversary of the tunnel fire and our city was shut down for six days. again traffic in downtown baltimore is shut down
'm meteorologist mike masco. not as hot as yesterday afternoon. we hit 104. there could be a late day gusty shower or thunderstorm. just keep an eye on the western sky and then for tonight if down to 74. i think that's mostly before midnight. 87 tomorrow. could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. but we have a dry low humidity filled weekend. lots of sunshine saturday. 84. 87 on sunday. back into the 90s by next week. >> good morning, honolulu at 87. we'll have the rest of america's weather in the next half hour. >> aloha. >> aloha. >>> new details on the frantic search for the little girls missing in iowa. >>> tom cruise and suri's wild ride through the street of new york. the high-speed chase to avoid the paparazzi. i love cash back. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. no annual fee. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagna. 3% back on [ friends ] road trip!!!!!!!!!!!! [ male announcer ] get 1-2-3
masco on interactive app for abc2. look again showing steady heavy rains across the area. we will talk more about the radar and a cooler, drier 7-day forecast coming up. >> reporter: well, all of the thunderstorms are leading to a hectic commute. accidents on 95, and 695 and interstate 7 0. i will are the de-- i will have the details coming up. have breakfast with milk and set the stage for a great day. [ female announcer ] therese uses dove. molly, ordinary soap. would they switch? notice a difference? it feels a bit tight. [ female announcer ] soap leaves behind soap residue that can cause a tight draggy feeling. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove cleansers rinse cleaner than soap. [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪ [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] when your car is more than just a car to you, the right insurance matters. are you getting the coverage options you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit travelers.com. >>> now "good
that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it. let's check in with meteorologist mike masco. it's shave to say it's miserable outside. >> it's almost like it's the new form with these temperatures. we're going to go for 90s the next couple of days and things will change. notice a few clouds billowing in. at times we've had spotty showers. right now we have a clean slate maybe into parts of kent cowed, moving toward queen anne's county but not much in the way of precip. let's talk about the heat. 94 in the city limits. you take the heat and humidity. you combine them, you get 101, the real feel number. 100 it feels like and even salisbury a pair of nines, a sticky and warm night. this evening barely getting out of the 90s. 93 with a mixture of sunshine and clouds will keep the wording but we're looking like a small chance of that happening. we have the high pressure. that is bringing in the southwesterly wind flow. this is a system that we have to keep an eye on, this cold front that will drop down through the lakes and give us the chance for gusty showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk a
and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >>> good wednesday morning. meeto ol gist mike masco clouds haik on tough and temperatures into the 70s. last few hours a broken line of showers moving across the area. we have a few rumbles of thunder reports near carroll county that's passed towards the south and east. 77 in town. 78 in dover. that's a launching pad for the upper 90s today. excessive heat advisory begins at noontime today and going until 4 this afternoon. again for the heat index approaching 105. clouds in place now but there's a clearing up towards central pa sliding in during the course of the afternoon. 98 today hot and humid and spotty storms. after 2, they may linger into tonight but we are expecting ideal weather for the 4th of july festivities downtown. 75 for tonight. and here's the 7-day forecast. hotter tomorrow at 100. 100 again on friday but the story of the heat indexes that could approach 110. chartey. >> a code red heat alert is in effect. extreme heat claiming four lives. cooling senters are opened across the state and each brings air conditioning and free wa
. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about some downed trees and wires. frederick road closed and we have a few roads in town subjected to closures during to the debris from the storms last night. especially over carroll and baltimore county and howard county reporting a few issues with downed lines. frederick road closed route 97 at cearnlg mill drive be aware of that. we have police activity. this is unspecified police activity on park heights avenue. they have shut it down we will try to get more information to share with you in a little bit. baltimore city we have an accident off 83 and construction will continue certainly a long-term project we will have to deal with monument street is closed down again probably subject to closure over the next several days involving that sink hole. outside for a live shot and we will show you 95 at eastern avenue pretty smooth sailing thus far right now. we will talk more about traffic that's coming up in just a little bit. and there's the shot charley look at that beautiful shot.
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